Hydrogen powers the sun, combines with oxygen to create water, and forms the substance of distant galaxies. It also offers your body a palette of extraordinary biological benefits. Hydrogen molecules can neutralize free radicals, slow or stop oxidation, and work as a practical, incredibly effective therapeutic antioxidant.

Because of its incredible benefits, hydrogen therapy is becoming more popular and recognized among athletes and people seeking vastly improved health. Echo Elemonics now brings the technology of hydrogen infusion to your kitchen counter in a safe, affordable, easy to use format with the added benefit of Elemonics, developed by the Health Ranger.



Elemonics Hydrogen Infusion Machine

In addition, the "Elemonics" process further infuses your water with a "chord" of elements selected for their physics-based harmonics (from the Table of Elements). This infusion occurs at trace levels while the water passes through a multi-stage elemental infusion cartridge that contains selected forms of each element. Watch the Elemonics Introduction video from the Health Ranger, who discovered the harmonics of physical elements when atomic masses are translated into the range of human hearing.


The Echo® Elemonics™ Hydrogen Infusion Machine does two things. First, it infuses water with molecular hydrogen, yet without substantially altering the pH of the water in the process. In other words, it's not an "alkaline water" machine. Alkaline water can interfere with digestion and reduce the effectiveness of stomach acid. The real benefits of alkaline come primarily from the hydrogen infusion that exists as a byproduct of alkaline water production. Echo Elemonics produces hydrogen and infuses it into the water without producing alkaline water.

In essence, Echo Elemonics is a water filter, a hydrogen infusion machine and an Elemonics infusion system, all in one. The result is clean, hydrogen infused water with a symphony of balanced trace elements.



Health and Fitness: Water filtered through the Echo® Elemonics™ Hydrogen Infusion Machine keeps you well-hydrated. By helping protect cells from oxidative stress, hydrogen-infused water can help reduce lactate in muscles, thereby cutting fatigue and soreness while supporting exercise recovery.

Balanced Energy: Those who are aware of advances in energy medicine appreciate the influence of matter, energy fields and environmental harmonics all around us. Both light and sound have been scientifically validated to have medicinal properties, and harmonically tuned experiences are vastly more healing than chaotic, "noisy" interferences. 

By harmonizing the right combination of elements in water, the Echo Elemonics system imparts a unique experience of elemental harmony in every drop of water it produces. This technology does not exist in any other water filtration or hydrogen system in the world.

Detoxification and Weight Management: One of the first steps of any detox or weight management program is to drink plenty of water. Hydrogen water helps the body eliminate toxins naturally, making it the perfect solution to bolster health and immunity while supporting your success on your weight management journey.



Electrolysis technology creates high levels of hydrogen molecules (up to 1.33 ppm, nearly three times the known therapeutic concentration), which dissolve into water for easy consumption. Unlike some electrolysis machines, the Echo does not separate water into alkaline and acid water streams during the electrolysis process. Instead, a Proton Exchange Membrane achieves hydrogen infusion without radical pH changes. This ensures that calcium in water remains suspended, and that no scale or buildup accumulates in the electrolysis chamber. The Echo® Elemonics™ method also keeps the pH of filtered hydrogen water at a neutral 7 pH, so it's easy on the stomach and won't interfere with digestion (which requires effective acid in your stomach).

The Echo® Elemonics™ system uses the highest-performing filter and electrolysis system on the market to purify water and infuse it with hydrogen molecules at the push of a button. A multi-stage filter eliminates pollutants without removing beneficial minerals. The filters contain Carbon Block filter, Hollow Fiber membrane, KDF55, Activated Carbon from coconut husks, calcium based carbon...all to filter out pesticides, heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine (both known neurotoxins), chloramines, bacteria, fungi, viruses, drugs, and algae, all of which have been found in some tap and bottled waters that were supposed to be filtered and clean.


The water filtered through the Echo® Elemonics™ Hydrogen Infusion Machine is so crisp, light, and smooth-tasting that you'll find it to be vastly superior to even the most expensive bottled water products. It's also very affordable and pays for itself in just a few months compared to purchasing hydrogen water in bottles. That makes it much easier to stay hydrated all day long, consuming the most enriched, hydrogen infused and elementally balanced water in the world.


The Echo® Elemonics™ Hydrogen Infusion Machine has a slim, attractive profile and sits unobtrusively on your counter top; it can be easily attached to your faucet or the cold water valve under your kitchen sink. The best part? Echo® Elemonics™ Hydrogen Infusion Machines are guaranteed for 5 years, including parts and labor, so the only upkeep you'll have to think about is a simple filter replacement about once a year.




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Echo Carbon Block Replacement Cartridge (475 gallons)

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UF Replacement Cartridge (951 gallons)

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Elemonics Replacement

Cartridge (1000 gallons)

The Echo® Elemonics™

Hydrogen Infusion Machine

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MSRP: $125.00
Your Price: $99
Savings: $26.00 (20.8%)

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